League Night Hero- A player who excels in League Night but will not play tournaments

Ya Fucked Me- When someone fucks ya

Stat Fraud- A player or coach who rigs the stats to his or her benefit

Sea Donkey- An unattractive female

Captain Coed- A player who takes coed way to serious but won’t play in competitive men’s leagues

Anti Dirt- A player who will only play on turf, and not on dirt

Fugazi- Fake

Grunter- One who makes loud grunting sounds when hitting

Kung Fu Grunter- One who makes Kung Fu sounds when hitting

Flava- One who matches his softball clothes

Grandpa’s Closet- One who brings a 70’s bat, bag or glove to play

Noodle- One with a bad throwing arm

Tommy Tournament- This is the player who sucks donkey cock, but insists he’s a tourney player

Chick with Dick- The girl who plays on the Men’s team who is better than all the men.

½ a fag- A player who is not quite homosexual but has gay tendencies

Hollered at him- When a player shoots middle, this would refer to as “Hollering at him”

Pick up Rat- This player is not on a team because he/she does not want to pay the fees. However he/she will post on softball sites daily “Need a guy”

Softball Welfare- Similar to food stamps. This player always seems to forget his wallet in the car never has money for the batting cage & drinks everyone’s beer. However this player also has brand new bats and gear.

Craig’s List Stud- This player will over rate themselves as a “Stud Softball player” but then when he/she gets on the field you realize they are GARBAGE

Jukebox Johnny- The player who brings the music to the games

The Old Guy- A guy in his 60’s playing with guys in their 20’s & 30’s

Black Coin- A valuable object given to you open entry

Lifetime Ban- A player who has been banned from a Softball field or team for a lifetime

Refund- A player who is so bad, he gets refunded his fees not to play

Levi Louie- A player who plays softball in jeans

Can of Corn- A routine fly ball

Can of Sweet Corn- A pretty routine fly ball

Mendoza Line- A player who hits under .500 for the season in slow pitch softball

Golden Sombrero- A player who goes 0-4 in slow pitch softball

Warning Track Power- A player who hits a fly ball to the warning track

Goose Egg- Zero on the scoreboard

Film Crew- The person who videos a players at bats

Anti Christ- Annoying Softball Guy

Grandfathered In - A player who is not good however is friends with the coach so can never get cut

Stinky Sullivan- A player who does not wash his softball clothes and smells like Donkey cock

Slick Willie- A player who smokes an insane amount of cigarettes while playing softball

Panama Red- A player who smokes lots of weed in the Dugout

Corporate America- A player who plays ball while speaking into his blue tooth

The Stinger- One who thinks he is a ringer but Stinks

Silent Bob- A player on the team who does not speak

Robo Cock- A Police Officer who plays softball and uses his authority to stop illegal activities

One Trick Pony- One who only can hit Home Runs and do nothing else meaningful hitting or fielding

Need a Guy? - A softball player desperately looking for a game

Cook the Book- A Softball coach who takes the book home and commits Stat Fraud

Ball Burglar- A player who steals softballs from the coach or other team

Winter Wonderland- A softball player who is a stud in the Winter but cant hit for shit in the Summer

Gold Glove DH- A player who does not play the field however criticizes his teammates every defensive play on the field