About Us

League Night Hero (LNH) is a Softball movement created by Softball player/coach Brian Speed.

Brian Speed started playing Baseball at an early age but turned to a much easier sport, Softball in about 2005. At that time it was once a week type of sport while partying at Nightclubs every night outside of softball. The sport got kind of serious from 2010-2012 in Tampa & New York. Brian ran 2 teams in New York and got more into the sport.

In late 2012 Brian moved to Las Vegas and discovered the best softball park in the Country; Big League Dreams. And then it happened.... Softball became a serious addiction in early 2013. The name was created because Brian posted a few Home Run videos on FaceBook and the Softball Haters of Las Vegas said “ You are nothing but a League Night Hero” Brian agreed and immediately bought the domain www.LeagueNightHero.com on Go Daddy and #LeagueNightHero was born. In his 5 years in Sin City, Brian was by far the most Controversial & Entertaining Softball Figure in Las Vegas History. The Lifetime Ban list was the talk of the town and many softball players became the Axis of Evil ending up not just on the Ban List but receiving the all mighty Guantanamo Ban. Many players jumped on the Bandwagon Ban List, receiving Fake News and becoming Softball Sheeples. In general Speed was loved by his teammates, umpires, and teams he played against. The small population of haters could not stand the camera crew following his at bats, the tilted hat with the sticker, the grunt sounds when he hit, the obnoxious plate swipe and the NY accent.

League Night Hero Managed 6% of the teams at Big League Dreams. Vegas Lions, Vegas Grey Elks, Vegas Patriots, Vegas Bandits, Vegas Rattlers Monday Nights, Vegas Gamblers, Vegas Bulls, Vegas Stars, Tuesday Nights, Vegas Rockies, Vegas Dirty Pelicans Wednesday Nights, Vegas Wolfpack, Vegas Blacksox Thursday Nights and Vegas Silver Knights Fridays Nights.

Brian played & coached 50 full seasons and retired in August of 2017, and moved to Los Angeles. He created such an impact on the Softball Community he decided to keep all teams running. Former players have become coaches to keep the teams going. The new administration ran a less controversial program, than Speed. The major change was the abolishment of the Lifetime Ban List as of August 2017. However the new administration failed miserably to keep the teams together and within 1 year from when Brian left, LNH was done.

After 3 years, Brian Speed now known as “BO$$ COHEN” has returned to Las Vegas in July 2020 & plans to bring back 12 teams. He left with 11, and is determined to bring LNH back BIGGER & BETTER than ever before!